This happened in Florida. After my husband moved out and we seperated I opened a checking account in my name with no ties to our joint account or him. He stole a book of checks and preceeded to write 9 checks which then overdrafted my bank account, leaving myself and our then 4 year old child with no money at all! I have not been able to get the Sheriffs Office to do anything about this because all they see is that at the time we were technically still married even though this was an account which he was in no way authorized to use or have access to and he forged my name on the checks that he wrote. The business that he wrote the checks to (his former place of employment) will not press charges either because as far as they are concerned they received their money. While my bank did eventually return the funds that were taken they will not be pressing any charges either because it simply is not enough money for them to waste their time on it. Which I do understand but I do not understand the Sheriffs Office deciding not to persue the case. Is there any way to make him face the music for his actions?