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    Default Welfare Benefits After Emancipation

    I have done my fair share of research about emancipation in Ohio and to me there are 2 ways to become an emancipate in Ohio. The armed forces or getting married. I am particularly interested in this one young womens entry when she talks about her friend writting to the judge, was granted emancipation in the state of ohio. My real question in this topic is not being emancipated but... Is it possible that while the mother of a minor is on welfare claiming the minor and takes he/she off of her case due to pregnancy related matters so they could get their own case, would they be able to live outside of their parents home with consent of the parents. Like say a legal note signed and pressed by a whitness at the welfare office? Long run-on sentence but I need answers. I am trying to make it to where we all get the better part of the deal in this situation.

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    If you are a dependent child, and your mother gets benefits on that basis, her benefits would end if she gives you permission to move out and establish your own independent household.

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