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    Default Stipulations in Wills for Adult Children

    My question involves estate planning in the state of Texas: My husband Ed has written a will. In his will he leaves land to his daughter and son both adults who live in England UK. His daughter has been separated from her cheating husband for the past 4 or 5 years.

    My husband does not like her husband never did. The problem is if my husband leaves her some land, the husband will also have to be given part of the money for the land.

    Could my husband write in his will the stipulation that the daughter will inherit the land ONLY after she divorces the husband? And ofcours the proof of divorce will have to be shown and proven to the trustee of the will which would be me Ed's wife.

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    Default Re: Stipulations in Wills for Adult Children

    He could write that, but he should expect that it won't be enforced by a court. Inducements to divorce are generally regarded as violating public policy.

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