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    Default Statute of Limitations for Premises Liabilty, Slip and Fall

    This is my first inquiry.
    I lease a small house. There is a door exit from the rear utility room to the garage. There was one step, a 12" rise x 12" tread, on a 2 ft total drop to the cement garage floor.
    On the "walk through" before signing, I asked the real estate agent to "remove & replace" the wooden "box type" step with sturdy 7' step, which is B&S code in LA.
    I notified the real estate agent by certified mail that this step is a dangerous situation & needs to be made sturdy. No response at all!
    About three weeks later, I came out of the rear door, (also too narrow/not to code), stepped down onto the step, & because the wood grain had degraded a little, causing me to lose my footing. My foot slipped forward & hyper-extended in the fall. I was in great pain. I went to my doctor, had x-rays taken & found several fractures. The date of injury was 12-21-05, I am still in a cast & currently in therapy. The current date is 4-12-06. I'm concerned about the Statue of Limitations, Premises Liability Law sections. Also, issues involving "slip and fall", "trip and fall" and other premises liability matters.
    I am anxious to receive an answer.
    Thank You,
    Constuction Worker

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    If you're worried about the statute of limitations, consult a personal injury lawyer about your situation ASAP.

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