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    Default Restricting to Part-Time Work Rule and School

    Hello, I worked as a part-time software engineer at a company in bay area and got laid off last month. I worked part-time most of the time during my employment at the company, because I was attending classes at a nearby university. Will I able to keep taking classes and collect my unemployment insurance at the same time, if I keep the same "availability to work"? I read the Restricting To Part-Time Work section on the edd web site. However, from the telephone interview I had with them, they were saying that I could be disqualified if I take classes during the business hours... What happened to the "Restricting To Part-Time Work" rule for the claims that were made based on the part-time work?

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    Default Re: Restricting to Part-Time Work Rule and School

    I suspect that, in the present economy, the issue is this: "The claimant imposes no other restrictions and is in a labor market in which a reasonable demand exists for the part-time services he or she offers." The present labor market is terrible, so EDD may take the position that you need to take any offer that comes along because there's no reasonable demand for your labor within your limited schedule.

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