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    Default Can I Avoid Paying for Pre-Approved Credit Cards

    I live in Michigan:

    I'm sure that some of you remember sometime in the 70s or so, the courts dismissed a great many debt cases based on the fact that banks sent out unsolicited credit cards. In the last few years we have had the same happening only under the guise of "your pre-approved, just sign here".
    I make a little over $800 a month on SS and most of my mail has been from credit card companies offering me credit, knowing full well how much I make and what my source of income is. It's easy to get in a mess with credit, but when they make it so easy to do so, I'm wondering how the law lets them get away with it? Does anyone remember the case law that was used in the 70s??
    I'd appreciate any information.

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    Default Re: Can I Avoid Paying for Pre-Approved Credit Cards

    You're thinking of "lender liability" law, which briefly appeared then faded from memory. If you apply for a credit card and make charges, you should expect to pay your bills.

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