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    Default 3 Speeding Tickets Within 1 Year

    My question involves a speeding ticket from the State of: Texas

    Ok...get ready for this one, people

    I received a speeding ticket February 2009 in Brazos County. Took defensive driving in March, took care of it! Then, received another ticket in September 2009 in Brazos County. Did deferred adjudication (because I had taken defensive driving within a year), but it was for 180 days because of a school zone. And that's not it... Got yet ANOTHER ticket in November 2009 in Ferris County on my way home for Thanksgiving break.

    So. That's my dilemna. What do I do?!?! Is there anything that CAN be done?? Thankfully I am graduating this semester and getting OUT of College Station, TX where the cops are eeeeeeeevil.

    Yes, I have a lead foot, but now the fear of God is in me whenever I drive. NO MORE SPEEDING I PROMISE If anyone has anyyyyy ideas on my options PLEASE let me know, I would appreciate it more than you know My parents want to KILL ME!!!!

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    Default Re: 3 Speeding Tickets Within 1 Year

    I suggest consulting a lawyer. As you've inferred, there's little you can do. I've known some lawyers, though, who have good rapport with prosecutors and ticketing officers, and occasionally pull the proverbial rabbit out of their hat.

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    Default Re: 3 Speeding Tickets Within 1 Year

    Here is some advice! AVOID driving in Texas!!! Here is even better advice! First I will tell you how to be a lead foot without getting caught. I drive about 300 miles daily at an average speed of around 85 mph. My eyes constantly scan the rearview mirror for any of those miserable CHP officers. Then my eyes scan both shoulders for 2 miles in front of me. Heres what you're looking for. When looking behind, you are looking for any car that drives faster than all the other cars like it owns the roads. Cops love to drive like that!! When scanning the shoulders, look for ANYTHING parked. If you see either one of these situations, touch the brakes enough to slow yourself 10 mph less than what you are driving. Release the brake & let the car slow naturally. It is a very good system but takes vigilance. At night, you need only look for hedlights that drive fast like they own the roads. TREAT ALL MOTORCYCLES AS IF THEY ARE COPS & drive with caution. I have not got a single speeding ticket in these situations for over 6 years. I did get a ticket for an unpredictable situation about 2 months ago. I was speeding on a two lane hwy coming up behind a semi truck. Suddenly a CHP came from the opposing lane, spotted me & did a U turn. He got me but that situation is hard to defend yourself against. I still speed. I sped 10 minutes later. I think all speeders should be given medals & all slow drivers should be given tickets. . .

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