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    Question Getting Proof of Appearance for a Ticket

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    The ticket has a year to appear in the system before the court will throw it out. If on December 29 there is still no record of the ticket, go down to the courthouse and get a proof of appearance (that's an actual form). That way, if the ticket appears later, they cannot automatically issue a warrant.

    Generally, when the ticket shows up later, they will send you a courtesy notice giving you a few weeks to take care of the ticket, so if you get the courtesy notice after you receive the proof of appearance, don't ignore it. You having the proof of appearance doesn't mean you can ignore the ticket forever. After the courtesy notice is issued, the proof of appearance means nothing.
    First time poster, thx for the great info

    I have the same situation here in Ca in 2009 as the original poster. Budget cuts, etc, the courts are real behind in entering info and with only 2 weeks to go, the courts have no clue of my Case number.

    I have an initial court date of Jan 6, 2010 @ 8:30am, as stated on a speeding ticket. There's a chance that my info will still show up by my court date, but with the holidays, I'm not holding my breath.

    To show up at the court house and see a clerk on Jan 6 to get the "proof of appearance", does that need to be done by 8:30am (the court time on the ticket), or if the court still does not have my info by that date, I can show up ANY time on Jan 6 to get my "proof of appearance"? Meaning - I do not need to wait for the clerk to open at 9am and go to work real late, to get a paper saying I was there. I can put in a days worth of work, and go to the court house at 3pm when I get off work.


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    Default Re: Getting Proof of Appearance for a Ticket

    You should show up on time just in case the ticket is filed and they're expecting you to be there on time.

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