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    Default Just Found Out My Unit is Illegal, What Should I Do

    I am in San Francisco, CA

    So I found out that my unit is illegal (garage converted into a studio) a couple of days ago. I dont know who tipped it off, but a city inspector stopped by few days ago as well. This unit can be seen as habitable but with a couple of problems like mold problems and poor electric wiring that often causes overloading and shutting off the fuse... I definitely don't feel like that I am not getting what I deserve for what I pay for.

    so my questions are...
    1. For next month rent, should I pay it? I have been researching and I found out that it is unlawful for the landlord to collect rent on illegal unit.
    2. Can I legally get evicted by the landlord for not paying rent?
    3. Can I sue my landlord for the previous rent I paid and security deposit?
    4. Should I wait for the eviction notice by the city?
    5. I asked my landlord for full security deposit and relocation fee (moving expense, difference between new place rent and current rent for remaining lease term) in order to avoid possible lawsuit. I think its reasonable, but what do you guys think?

    I looked at this website, and it does give me some hopes.
    I am not sure how much I should believe and really not pay rent from now. I am super confused.

    Thanks for any input!!

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    Default Re: Just Found Out My Unit is Illegal, What Should I Do

    So the city inspector hasn't ordered you to vacate yet?

    I think the document you linked does a pretty good job summarizing things under "The Illegal Unit".

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