First of all, let me preface this by saying it is an MBS property and I have read the other thread talking about all the problems. I understand lots of people are in the same boat, I just need to figure out what to do next.

I moved out on February 28th, had given the appropriate notice, and provided them w/my forwarding address. On April 3rd I contacted the apt mgmt office and they told me they don't deal w/deposit issues and referred me to the Houston corporate office. Houston corporate referred me to Amy in New Orleans. Amy seems nice enough, said she had 'just started' on the job, which I am now seeing probably isn't true, and that she'd get back to me. I've called her several times since, and still no new info.

I have not even received the form that tells what they intend to deduct from the deposit, and I do think it is possible they will deduct something. What do I need to do now? What do I request? How do I request it? What laws do I reference?