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    Default Any Stats on Success Rate of TBD

    I've seen a lot of posts that say the chances of winning dismissal through TBD are slim. Are there any official or unofficial stats concerning the success rate of Trials by Declaration? Are there any government sites where such information is available?


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    Default Re: Any Stats on Success Rate of TBD

    Traffic infraction case in California are not published and the courts do not keep such statistics, therefore, anyone eluding to a specific rate of success or failure is merely making a guess.

    There are inherent difficulties that a defendant might face during the TBD process (example: not being able to question the officer or directly attempt to refute his testimony), however, from a legal stand point, one can only hope that if you have a viable defense argument, that your chances of getting a dismissal are just as good as any regardless of the manner with which you present your case.

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    Default Re: Any Stats on Success Rate of TBD

    I followed the free advice from and did a TBD for a citation I got in Feb 2009. I lost. The police officer who cited me definitely seemed like he had no life and loved his job too much though. Maybe it works when the officer is lazy and doesn't want to deal with extra paperwork?

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