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    Default Violent Roomate - Verbal and Physical Abuse

    My question involves a roommate in the State of:Pennsylvania

    I'm currently living with a violent unstable roommate. The reason he's violent is because I'm currently dating his ex-girlfriend and he doesn't approve of it. He's also in general a very emotionally unstable person and can't control himself when he drinks.

    He's trying to push me to leave the apartment so he's been verbally telling me he's going to "mess me up" and just tonight he assaulted me and grabbed my shirt ready to hit me. He was pulled off by my other roommate before any fists were thrown (but he is witness to it, though he's also the roommates friend so i dont know if he would back me up and its hard trying to ask him to be placed in that situation) but he still had intent and did grab me in a violent manner. He claims he's going to call our landlord and plead to him that I'm not doing things around the apartment like cleaning and try to get me kicked out. I've done nothing legally wrong that would make me in breach of the lease. At this point after tonight I believe I have enough backing to have him removed from the apt instead. I don't know what channels to go through for this to have it done but I am def trying to have him kicked out at this point so that I can live in peace. Please if anyone could just let me know the best way about getting him removed I would be grateful.

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    Default Re: Violent Roomate Verbal and Physical Abuse

    If you have grounds to seek a personal protection order, that could get him out.

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    Default Re: Violent Roomate Verbal and Physical Abuse

    When you called the police to get a third party report of the incident, what did they say?

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