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    Default Bank Forgot to Take Title to My Car

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California

    I purchased a car in September and secured a loan from a Bank. The Bank, for whatever reason, failed to secure its name on the title. I received the title in the mail and it is only under my name. Two weeks ago I received a letter from a dealership that I did not purchase the car from requesting that I sign the "signature releases interest in vehicle" line on the title and mail it to the dealership where I bought the car. Today the bank mailed me a letter asking me to sign the "signature releases interest in vehicle" line and mail the title to them in a self-addressed envelope. My question I need to mail them the title? I originally signed all loan documents at the bank and am uncomfortable simply signing my title and mailing it off. Can't the bank show the DMV the loan documents and secure the title that way? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Bank Forgot to Take Title to My Car

    something doesn't sound right because you would not be releasing your interest in the car when adding a lien holder.

    tell the bank to send you the lien paperwork and you will take it to the DMV and have them added as lien holder.

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    Default Re: Bank Forgot to Take Title to My Car

    If you have a clear title without a lien holder, somebody made a mistake. It now seems they are trying to fix it. They already made the loan and the dealer got the money. You signed the loan papers and are legally obligated to pay the loan. Perhaps there is some statute or case law that might compel you to have the lien holder added to the title, but I have not heard of that, and I would not do that.

    I have never read any case law on that issue. Perhaps they can compel you in court to do what they want. I would not do it voluntarily. Of course, that is just me.

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