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    Default What to Do About a Crazy Neighbor

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Virginia

    My aunt is dealing with a crazy neighbor right now. This neighbor has left threatening, verbally hateful phone messages, takes pictures of her car, threatnes to call the police (and has already done so for no reason) if she walks on her grass, sets up her friends who come to visit by moving her car to the visitor spot so that the guest has no choice but to park in the crazy neighbor's spot, thus allowing the crazy neighbor to call the police; she pounds on the walls at all hours of the night, seemingly following my aunt wherever she goes in the house (including the shower); turns on her music and plays it so loud the walls shake, and goes out of the house leaving the music on all day long.

    What, if anything, can be done about this? She has documented everything, has recordings of the voicemails, has eyewitnesses, and has talked to many police officers, the home association of her community, and several attorneys, all who say that absolutely nothing can be done. I find this VERY hard to believe. It's making her physically ill and causing emotional damage.

    Thank you for any advice you might be able to pass my way.

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    Default Re: What to Do About a Crazy Neighbor

    Groan. (I've had the drug dealing party animal neighbors before...they messed with the wrong person)

    A lot of it will depend on local laws and state laws....and if they enforced. Make sure to research the townships ordinances, specifically noise. Been there, done it - first they told us there was no noise ordinance. I visited the township website - oh, what's this? A noise ordinance written in 1976. Present it to the township. "Oh we can't enforce it, it would be a violation of the neighbors civil rights".

    Keep a daily diary of the neighbors antics. Video and photo when possible....

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