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    Default Collection Agency's Error Driving Me Crazy - Wrong Number

    A large credit collection agency has been calling my phone number for the past several months looking for "Mary". I am not Mary, Mary has never lived here and I don't have a clue as to who this person is. I have tried to explain to the collection agency that I am not the person they are looking for and to please stop calling my phone number. They have assured me that my number would be taken off their computer. But, the phone calls keep coming. With my most recent phone call to the company, I asked the guy who answered the phone why my number keeps being called and why no one had followed through on their promise to take my number off the list. He responded that "maybe we don't believe you're not Mary" !! -- How can I get this harassment to stop? I sure would appreciate any thoughts or comments. Thanks!

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    Default FDCPA - Stopping Creditor Contact

    You should serve them with a written notice under the FDCPA requesting that they cease contact.

    You should also consider obtaining a copy of your credit report, and checking it for any dubious entries.

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    I own a business and have had the EXACT thing happen to me: I have some collection agency after some person I've never heard of; I would like to write a cease and desist letter, but do I sign it with my name and address and put it regarding the mystery person's account?

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    Default FDCPA Notice - Somebody Else's Debt

    You would have to make the notice about the debt of the other person, with their account number, because otherwise the collection company may not be able to associate your letter with the account at issue.

    You can explain within the letter that you have never heard of the person.

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