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    Question Moving in with a Friends Family Right After Emancipation

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: Arizona/Alaska.

    I'm sixteen, and have thought about emancipation for quite some time. My mother and I don't exactly get along and my dad knows its safer for me to be emancipated and go on with my life. I'm taking the GED tests tomorrow and the day after, so within a couple months, I'll have that.
    My mother and I have had problems stemming back to when I was six.
    I know that to be emancipated, I need to have proof that I have a way to support myself, or something along those lines. And when/if I do get emancipated, I would immediatly be moving in with my friend and her family.
    Would it be possible to be emancipated? Should I rather look into adoption even though I'll be 18 in fourteen months. I'm pretty confused, information/help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Moving in with a Friends Family Right After Emancipation

    I would doubt that a mother that doesn't want you to emancipate will sign the adoption papers.

    And yes, she would have to do that.

    Moving in with another family is not living independently. You need to be living ON YOUR OWN.

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