My question involves a banking matter in the State of: MI

Me and my wife are in the middle of purchasing our first home. In addition to the verification of employment, there was an additional letter that our mortgage company was asking from my employer. They wanted to have in writing that my job would continue as I stated on my application. The letter stems from the type of IT work I do, because I travel alot.

My concern started because they contacted my employer but they were speaking to people outside of HR and with people that I do not directly or indirectly report to. The person that upsets me most, is a salesman in our company. He had details of what I was buying, where I was buying and what my living arrangement would be.

I have tired to find a reference point to mortgage privacy laws but I only came across Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which I don't fully understand. On my mortgage companies site, their own privacy policy says they don't share non-public personal information unless I authorize it. The only thing I ever signed was the general authorization for VOE.

Wouldn't that kind of information be non-public?
Is this legal or is it just an ethical issue?