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    I will be turning 18 on May 15 and I have a trust fund built up since i was 1. My dad died in a car crash when i was 1 and my grandmother sued over sumthing. The bottom line is i will be reciving 50k or so on my 18th birthday. I went to the court house 2day and the lady said i need the same lawyer to file up some papers.(God knows its been 18 years this guy could be dead) If I dont find him then what? Did the lawyer do this jus so I would have to find him and cut him a check? Why cant I jus bring my ss number and Birth C for proof? I live in Texas any info is good TY.

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    It probably does not have to be the same lawyer; it's probably that they assume the lawyer would have familiarity with the case. If you consult another lawyer who handles this type of matter, that lawyer should be able to clarify what needs to be done. You can try to track down the original lawyer through the Texas State Bar directory.

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