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    Default Return of Bonus Performance Wages

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Pennsylvania

    My question is a bit complex and takes a few turns.

    Over a period of 5 years I was given stock annually by my current company as a performance bonus.

    Last year (2008) all minor stockholders were forced to sell their stock back to the company for cash so the company could become fully employee owned.

    Recent changes occurred and I gave notice I will be leaving Jan 1, 2010. My current employer has terminated me and is now trying to sue me for the cash received from the performance bonus stock sale because I went to a competitor.

    This is my career. I am a scientist and had been in this profession for 20 years before coming to the current employer. I helped to build this division. I have also been threatened by the Chairman of the Board that they will run me out of town and make sure I never can be employed in the city again.

    I have never done anything to anyone to be treated like this. I was hired from a competitor. I have no intention of disclosing any information regarding my former employer.

    This company has a past habit of legal harassment when scientist leave.

    The question. Can a person actually be viably sued for return of performance wages over a 5 year period after leaving a company.

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    Default Re: Return of Bonus Performance Wages

    Anybody can file suit for anything, whether the plaintiff wins or not is the issue. Any documents you have, take to an attorney versed in contract and employment law to see what your chances might be if they try.

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    Default Re: Return of Bonus Performance Wages

    What I wanted to know is there any precedent from similar cases?

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    Default Re: Return of Bonus Performance Wages

    You need to start by looking at your contract(s) for employment, compensation, bonuses, the buyback, etc., to see what they provide. Or take them to an employment lawyer for review. The answer to your question will almost certainly turn on contract principles.

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