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    Default Expungements and Joining the Military

    Hello everybody. I was wondering if someone would point me in the right direction and the procedure of what i could do. First off i have a juvenile record that i want to remove what do i need to do? The record is in Calif. and it was when i was 16 years old. Did my time and probation! I am trying to get into the Army and they say that when you do a FBI check that any record from birth to now will show up I am 34 years old and i am trying everything i can. One of my friends that is in law enforcement said that i need to do a FBI check to confirm What is fact. I know it is there and i want it gone.
    Now for the other part i also have one incident in Vermont that was taken care of but the same thing, I know it is there and how do i remove it as well. I just want to serve my country and be all that i can be!!! any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Juvenile Criminal Record

    If you are applying for any sort of position which will require a security clearance, they will find out about your arrest record no matter what you do - and you may get into trouble if you deny its existence. If you haven't been in trouble since you were a minor, it is unlikely that your record would keep you out of the service. Note that under any circumstances you should provide honest answers to any questions asked about your past criminal history, even if you don't think they will find out about your record.

    There is instruction on petitioning to seal a California juvenile record on the Riverside County website.

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    Default The Marine Corp may be more tolerable in their enlistment

    Best advice I can give you is to get a college loan and go to college or to a good trade school. If you've ever laid out in 130 degree heat day after day you'd know what I mean ! But then again you don't need a college education to come to that realization.
    But Anyway ! The Marine Corp may be more tolerable in allowing you to enlist but if you get your records expunged you may want to shoot for the Air Force for a better quality of life and a easy twenty.

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