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    Default Unreasonable Eviction

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: Texas

    I just moved in to my new Rent house signed a 6 month lease been in the house for 3 weeks and my landlord calls me and says she is selling the house and that she is signing some papers at the court house to sign it over to the new owners well i havent done anything to break my lease and she is also saying im not going to get my security deposit back but in the lease it says i will if i leave the property like it was so i have to right? and i can fight the eviction because she says she mailed a 3 day eviction notice but i know thats because she wants me out she still has to go through the court to start the process but if she is signing papers to sell the house to the new owner wont the new owner own the house and will they have to evict me or how does that work????? what happens to my lease it does state that the landlord can end it at anytime but she wont own the house ? the new owner will???? i dont know what to do please can someone help me out

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Unreasonable Eviction

    I have no idea why your landlord thinks either that she can ask you to move or that she can steal your security deposit. Unless there's a provision in your lease that permits her to terminate the lease early in the event of a sale, you continue to have a binding lease. If she terminates your lease pursuant to such a clause in the lease she owes you the refund of your security deposit. Assuming, that is, you're keeping up your end of the deal.

    You received a three day notice, so presumably there's an allegation that you've broken your side of the deal such as by not paying rent, or have stayed past the end date of your lease. What is the landlord claiming?

    If you could try using standard grammar and punctuation, and use normal sentence structure, it will be easier to follow what you're saying.

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