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    Default My Roomate Moved Out, Kept Keys

    My question involves a roommate in the State of: Alberta, Canada

    So at the beginning of the month I told my roommate I could not live with her anymore (she was extremely dirty, would throw random tantrums like a child, steal things from me and has yet to pay bills, you know the same old dance of "I will next payday"). We both decided it would be easier if she moved out so we signed the appropriate paper work required saying she was moving out and that she is gonna be off the lease. Well yesterday was the end of the month and I asked that when she came to pick up her stuff that she leave the keys. She said she was keeping them so she can check her mail.

    1)There are 3 keys for this building, one for the main door, one for the mailbox and one for the apartment door, instead of keeping just the mail key, shes keeping all.
    2) The post office can forward mail for you, and she was supposed to leave a forwarding address in case some get through

    What can I do here? I am in the process of trying to contact my landlord to get my locks changed, but is there anything else I can do? I dont want her to come in and wreck the place or steal anything like she was doing when we were "on good terms"

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    Default Re: My Roomate Moved Out, Kept Keys

    Alberta isn't a U.S. state. Try a Canadian site like

    Try raising the issue with your landlord. If her share of the security deposit hasn't been refunded to her, perhaps the landlord will rekey the locks and deduct it from her share.

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