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    Default Deposited a Check Stolen From the Mail

    HELPB]Im in the state of North carolina. My friend is going through seperation/divorce from her husband. He took her mail and deposited a check in her name to his account without her knowledge or agreement. He has denied he even took the mail. She finally got word from the account holder who deposited the check and on what date. What charges can be brought for the theft of her mail and the deposititing of the check? The check was only 112 dollars. They already changed their joint checking to sperate accounts and are in the process of the whole divorce. Isnt this a felony? Please help he is being very ugly with the entire divorce process as he didnt want the divorce.[/B]

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    Default Re: Deposited a Check Stolen From the Mail

    How long ago did this happen?

    If your friend wishes to do so, she may file a police report. The prosecutor will decide whether charges should be filed and what charge to file; generally speaking this type of crime is charged as a felony.

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    Default Re: Deposited a Check Stolen From the Mail

    You can also file a complaint for the mail theft with the US Postal Inspector.
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    Default Re: Deposited a Check Stolen From the Mail

    In addition to doing what is recommended above your friend can ask the issuer of the check to file a check fraud claim with their bank. The claim will be a forged endorsement claim and when the maker of the check gets reimbursed they can issue a new check to her.

    It is a very simple process and the whole claim can be resolved within 10 working days. Hubby's account with his bank may be closed to to the fraud as well.

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