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    Exclamation Oklahoma Laws About Runaways at 17

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Oklahoma.
    Ok so here is whats going on. My girlfriend currently lives with her parents, she turns 18 in two months and is a senior in highschool. We have been dating for a year now. Her house is rather moldy, and she constantly is getting sick due to the mold and second hand smoke doesn't help anything. When she brings it up to her parents they shrug if off and tell her to be more carefull and avoid it. We read up on the types of mold that we can identify and she has 30 of the 44 symptoms that they listed, and has been exposed to it for years now. Most of the symptoms are reversable but only if she can get away from the moldy inviroment, but since she is not 18 yet she doesnt want to get me in trouble for helping her. She also doesnt want to contact Dhs and get taken away or something. I know from friends that have moved out at the age of 17 that the police don't like to force 17 yr olds that are about to turn 18 to go home but the parents can insist that they do so and press charges. I have also heard quite the opposite: that since shes almost 18 she can legally move out/ or it would be overlooked because shes almost an adult. We're really stuck here and would appreciate some advice, and also like to know what we CAN do to change the situation.

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    The likelihood that the police will require a 17 year old runaway to return home depends entirely on the police department in question and how much the parents want to force the issue.

    "Almost" only counts in horseshoes. She's either 18 or she's not. If she's not, then she's a minor and under the care and control of her parents. There's nothing in the law that gives rights to "almost" 18 year olds - only to 18 year olds.

    The ONLY way she can be certain of not having her pretty little butt dragged back home is to either involve CPS (and even that is no guarantee) or wait until her 18th birthday.

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    Default Re: Oklahoma Laws About Runaways at 17

    Thank you for the advice. She is going to try to move in with her older brother for now since his parents wouldn't press charges against him and he lives three blocks from her school. Hopefully that works out until shes 18.

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