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    Arrow Appeals Process for Denial of Unemployment Insurance

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: Florida

    I have been receiving Unemployment benefits for a few months now while I search for a full-time position. The Unemployment Compensation claim was due to a lay off from my previous employer.

    Recently, I was offered a temporary position with a Temp-Agency that I accepted. The position was full-time but was assured to me that it was temporary, which ended up being about three to four weeks of employment. Regretfully, I continued to claim my weeks of unemployment compensation during my tenure with the Temp-Agency. The employment ended two weeks ago with this company. So needless to say, I have been unemployed ever since.

    Well today instead of receiving my long awaited unemployment check, I received something else. The State of Florida issued me a letter stating I am ineligible for my benefits due to my employment with this Temp-Agency. I contacted the number provided and after waiting on hold for nearly an hour, the representative advised me to appeal. I researched the process to see if my case would hold water but I am still unsure. So if anyone could answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it as I am in great need of assistance.

    Considering the circumstances, would my case hold water if I fought this through an appeal?

    What is the best way to go about the appeal?

    And, since I am currently unemployed, is it possible to make a new claim or to reopen my existing claim since all of the benefits had yet to be paid by my previous employer who had layed me off?

    If you have any other advise that could be of assistance it would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the lengthy post and numerous questions, but my back is up against the wall as the bills keep rolling in and this is my only means of income. Please Help.

    Thank You.

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    Default Re: Appeals Process for Denial of Unemployment Insurance

    You can appeal based on the quality of the "termination" (end of assignment). However, if I'm understanding you correctly, you continued to file claims and didn't report the income earned on this assignment? That is fraud and, in some states, it not only disqualifies you for a certain number or weeks, you also have to pay it back, either directly or having it deducted from future benefits.

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