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    Default Courts Misreading Divorce Papers


    I've been having trouble collecting the proper percentage of money from my ex-husband. He is responsible for 60% of all education, medical and childcare. I enrolled my son into pre-school, discussed the school with my ex, as per the agreement, and when given the bill, he gave 50% of the tuition vs. 60%. He wrote me a letter claiming he will only pay 50% since he feels its fair.

    I recently went to court to have it adjusted and the court magistrate said preschool wasn't included in the education category. The court believes it only refers to college. College is a separate section from medial, education and childcare. The court explained he needed to further look into the divorce papers. How do I convince the courts that preschool is apart of education? What do I do if they rule against me?

    My lawyer explained to me education included any class like settings. When I called my lawyer explaining the situation, she told me to call her after the second hearing and that the courts were wrong.

    Can anyone give me some advice?


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    If they rule against you, you can appeal. You should be seeking assistance with this from your lawyer.

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