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    Default Ex- threatens to withhold child if support is reduced

    I lost my job last year for 5 months which was a great job in NJ. I continued to try to pay child support in the amount of 175.00 a week instead of the 275.00. I tried to work things out with her and I have been aloud to have my son for the last 4 years just about anytime that I want. to the point of 4 to 7 days in a row. when ever I am home. and when I am not home my fiance' (who also has a son 4 months younger then mine) is aloud to also have my son anytime she wants or my son wants to.. she even been called by my ex to come get him for the weekend when my EX is having one of her problems.

    I am now in NC and am about 800 miles away from my home in NY. so I sometimes am gone for 3 weeks at the most.

    I have just refianced everything so that I didn't have not file Banruptcy. I am now able to come home about every other week.

    Now that my income has decreased drastically and is not stable at any given moment (contracter in the telephone industry)
    I need to reduce my child support, Once this was mentioned to her today. she said that I will no longer be able to have my son except for one 24 hour period each week. noon of Friday to noon on Saturday.

    please help me in how I should file.

    As long has I pay her the $$ I can see my child if I try to adjust it ever she will do anything in her power to reduce my visitation.

    This woman looks at kids as an income and even though she just got remarried and has a 4 year old with this man (my son just turned 7) she got into a fight with her new husband and wanted me to pay for her 4 year olds school tuition. she now has givin up her job and always looks at me for $$.

    Also how big of a fight is this going to be and will It end up costing me thousands I don't have.

    Seems like the good dads are always getting the short end of the stick...

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    Consult a lawyer about getting a parenting time order which secures the status quo, and after that has been achieved petition for child support. Or see about asking for both at the same time, such that the Court has sufficient information up front to see that the reduction in parenting time is retaliatory.

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