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    Default Attorney Forcing Me to Stay As P.R.

    the attorney for the estate is trying to force me to sign a paper for exspenses that the estate cant pay and i tried to tell him that i no longer want to be representative and i explained to him i have been sick for over 2 weeks .i also told him i dont want to be stuck inbetween the heirs and some other people on a land there anyway he can legally force me to be stuck in the middle of everything?if anyone can tell me how i can get myself removed as representative let me know?because the attorney isnt going to allow me to resign and i feel like legally he cant force me.

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    Default Re: Attorney Forcing Me to Stay As P.R.

    You don't have to accept personal responsibility for the estate.

    Have you indicated to the court that you wish to resign?
    Quote Quoting IC 29-1-10-7 - Successor representatives; appointment
    When a personal representative dies, is removed by the court, or resigns and such resignation is accepted by the court, the court may, and if he was the sole or last surviving personal representative and administration is not completed, the court shall appoint another personal representative in his place.

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    Default Re: Attorney Forcing Me to Stay As P.R.

    i called and talk to one of the clerks she told me its the attorney's duty to have me removed if i request and she told me being sick is enough.she said if he refuses then he can be removed as the attorney.she told me hes suppose to be doing his job and thats his job.

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