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    Default Court Fees and Costs

    I am not sure I am in the correction section, however, if I am not can someone please direct me......

    I am in Rowlett, Texas. I got a seat belt ticket which the municipal court is charging me $50 for. I know the state law says no less then $25 and no more then $50 - so they are charging me the max.

    My question concerns the court fee's / cost. They are charging me $96 in court fee's.

    I have read statutes, but don't understand how they can charge so much.

    Anyone know where there is a breakdown of what they can charge me for a seat belt ticket?

    Thank you


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    Default Re: Court Fees and Costs

    It's not unusual for court costs and fees to meet or exceed a statutory fine.

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    Default Re: Court Fees and Costs

    To me, it just a principal of the matter. I know in Missouri seatbelt tickets are $10 flat. They can not charge court costs....

    Here in Texas I see the law states "no less the $25 and no more the $50" I called the state reps office and was giving the statutes on court costs. I dont see anywhere were they can charge so much. Most of the items I am being charged for apply to other fines and not seatbelts. Since municipalities can not make up their own costs and all cost are state regulated I don't see (and they wont show me) why I should pay that much......

    Its basically, we will not show you what we are charging you, but if you don't pay it you will have a warrant for your arrest. LEGALIZED EXTORTION!!!!

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