My question involves real estate located in the State of: Texas

I bought over 10 acres this year, and found out after closing that there are 2 fences across the second access to the land. I sent the neighbor a letter asking him to remove the fence or call me if he had any questions or concerns. He sent a letter just before the end of the time to remove the fence saying that he's going to file adverse possession for the strip of land. IT is about 25 feet wide by over 200 feet long.
He moved in about 7 years ago, and the fence has been up over 18 years according to him. I need the access when it rains since the creek through the property won't let me drive to this side for mowing and to maintain the fence.
My question is since he bought his house 7 years ago does he have a case to file adverse possession?

Second question is can I just go in and remove the fence and put one up along the property line and start using my access, and if I remove the fence could I face being arrested?

He wants my survey which was just done this year. I sent him a portion of the survey which shows his property and the fence in question.