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    Default License Suspension Showing Up in the National Registry After 23 Years

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Pennsylvania. 23 years ago I was riding a dirt bike and the cops went to pull me over and like an idiot I took off well they caught me and took me to jail, gave me fines. So i pay the fines the next day and get my bike out of impound and If remember correctly they took my learner's permit. So now all this time later I go to re-new and can't because Pa says I've been flagged as a problem driver with the national registry. I haven't had a ticket in 10years... but I digress. So I contact the state to try and get this straight by jumping through all of their the reinstatement fee get an affidavit telling them I don't live in Pa and I don't own a vehicle in Pa. All because this what the lady from the points and hearings office said I needed to do to get off of the registry. And now I'm looking @ 6 years with no license. I'm sorry but this seems to a railroad job at best I would go as far as to say this is a racket. But either way all i want to do is be able to get back and forth to work while I still have work. The can't even tell me what I need to do to get hardship because I don't live in that state anymore. Please help...... Howard in Florida

    Also, I moved from the state shortly after and they say I never acknowledged my suspension. I never received any court date or anything from this place mind you it was in 1987 so things were a little different as far as how the law was in small towns. And all these years later they still lie to me. I just can't escape that place.......Howard Florida

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    Default Re: National Registry. After 23 Years

    I think I can help you clear a few things up.

    First, you say your suspended for 6 years. Why? What were your charges?
    That is a long time to be suspended without some major violations. Fleeing is a major violation but not 6 years worth of suspension.

    Next, when they arrested you (took you to jail) was there a police report? Does that police report state that they confiscated your permit? If so you may be able to get credit for this suspension started from that point. Please see this thread for more information on where I'm going with this.

    Lastly, there are other ways to try to get credit started if there is no record of the permit being taken. Did you move from the date of the violation to when you left the state? (did you move within PA?) did you ever get a non-driver Pennsylvania ID card?

    Were there any other violations after this dirtbike incident?


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    Default Re: License Suspension Showing Up in the National Registry After 23 Years

    Thank you for responding to my post. The only charges that I'm aware of are Fleeing , stop signs and the driving w/o a license. I'm sure there was a police report but I've never seen it. It was a long time ago. Also I didn't move within the state before I left and never got a non drivers ID. I'm having trouble getting a lawyer to even call me back from Blair county so your response is very much appreciated. Howard.

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