My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: New Jersey

Accident Details:
While making a turn off of a highway, my car (compact car) skid on some debris and the front driver's side of my car impacted the rear drivers side of the other vehicle (minivan). This vehicle was at a stop sign waiting to merge onto the highway. I then pulled into the gas station at the corner and waited for the police to arrive. Meanwhile, the other driver chose to leave his car at the place where he was struck. While waiting, I approached the other driver and asked about his condition. He confirmed that he was OKAY.
The officer arrived and as he was requesting my information, another vehicle (SUV) struck the other car. This SUV also skid on debris and hit the front drivers side of the car as he was going around the car to merge onto the highway. The officer THEN requested both of other vehicles to join me in the gas station lot.
The officer did not note how many people were in the minivan.

Legal details:
Almost 2 years after this incident, just before the statute of limitations could apply, I was delivered legal papers because 8 people in the car went to see a doctor. My insurance company is representing me. I have even went to the lawyer's office and given a disposition infront of both sides. Where I mentioned that I only saw the driver of the vehicle. I also mentioned the other accident (my lawyer wasn't even aware of this!) The other side then changed to say that they want to claim only for the driver now....

The court date had been set, but everytime the date comes by, the other side keeps postponing. This has been going on for almost (maybe even more than) a year. It is quite frustrating because this is preventing me from pursuing other job opportunities outside the northeast region! My lawyer is aware of this, but I don't think she is doing anything to help my case get resolved. Is there anything I can do? Is there a limit on how long the other party can delay?

Thanks in advance for the help!!