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    Default Getting Unemployment Benefits After Working As an Independent Contractor


    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California.

    I am currently receiving UI benefits and am also a candidate for a temporary two-week job in which I would be classified as a 1099 independent contractor coordinating an event.

    1. If I am hired, will I be able to continue to receive benefits after this project is completed, considering my payment ($1,500) is much more than my weekly claim amount?

    2. If so, how should I fill out my claim form so that my payments won't stop (or placed on hold for a couple of weeks to a month)?

    3. Would my potential, future employer receive notice that I am receiving the benefits?

    4. Lastly, does anyone have any advice for someone very much worried about losing benefits for a short-term job? I am very much eager to jump back into the workforce, but at the same time, I am stressed about jeopardizing the little money I receive in UI.

    I have scoured the EDD website and also have called the UI line endlessly without any questions answered. If anyone has a place of reference (I have already looked up and down, I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: California Unemployment Benefits Collector Working As an Independent Contractor

    1. You should.

    2. My understanding is that California has much more stringent rules than some other states regarding the reopening of a claim, but CA is no longer my state, so I can't speak intelligently to their process. In my current state of PA, you would just not certify for the weeks in which you earned more than you are allowed to earn without wiping out your benefits and all you would need to do when the job is over is to call the commission and re-open your claim.

    3. If they follow the law, they may find out eventually.

    But, so what?

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    Default Re: Getting Unemployment Benefits After Working As an Independent Contractor

    I am in the same situation now- just wondering.....

    What happened? Did you find out the answer?

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