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    Default Caught Shoplifting in Target

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: california

    i was just caught shoplifting at target in CA they caught me but didnt take down any info. this is not the first time i shoplifted ive done it many times. i take old target shopping bags and fill them up w goods and leave the store. i have done this a bunch of times. this time i was caught as i was leaving by a security gaurd. he asked me for a receipt i told him i was going to my car and he told me to leave the stuff i left it and ran. do you think they will come after me??? what should i do??? i am panicking!!!

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    Default Re: Caught Shoplifting in Target

    First: I'd take this as a warning sign that it is time to quit shoplifting.

    I'll sum up my story. I shoplifted only one time and got caught. A $68 dress turned into $1500 for a lawyer, plus $250 Civil Demand, plus $310 Court Costs and Fines. Does the thought of getting caught and paying up over $2000 scare you? It should.

    How about the embarrassment of being escorted outside by a police officer? Or the embarassment of being fingerprinted and a mugshot taken?

    It can make it hard for you to find employment when Shoplifting shows up on a Criminal Background Check. Forget working in retail, banking, casino...anything that involves handling money.

    It is possible that the security guy got your plate number and the cops will show up on your doorstep. It's possible that Target has you on tape. It is possible they took a still photo from that tape and plastered it in every local Targets security offices and even at employee timeclocks (if you see this person, call LP immediately).

    Just something to think about.

    PS: Read the stickied thread "Consequences of Shoplifting". And read the post below about how shoplifting costs the average consumer $435 a year.

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