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    Default Lien Strip and Ex-Wife


    I am in a desperate place right now. I was planning on moving forward with a Chapter 13 and found out that if I choose to strip my 2nd mortgage (48k) it would then go to my ex-wife as a debt.
    This is a moral dilemma, because even though we incurred those debts together, I dont want to screw her over after 2 years of divorce either. The home is severely under water (260 first, 48k second; appraised at 180k) so I cant even re-fi to get her name off.

    What options do I have?



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    Default Re: Lien Strip and Ex-Wife

    You're the only person on the title?

    If you assumed responsibility for the mortgage through the divorce, your spouse can still pursue you for compensation for any money she has to pay by virtue of the (nondischargeable) property settlement in the divorce judgment.

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