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    Default Consequences of Price Switching

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: North Carolina

    I switched a price tag at Target today. I wanted a duvet cover to be cheaper bc I could not afford it, so I changed the price from 69.99 to 24.99. I went to the cashier and paid with my credit card after that.

    Now I am so sick with myself and I just want to return it to them and get my peace of mind back. I am not this person and I don't want to be. I feel sick about it. At the end of my transaction, there was a manager or something dressed in khaki and red who came and asked the clerk if the item rang up right, or something but no one said anything to me and I left the store. This is making me feel even worse and even more scared than I already do. Plus I am sure I am on their cameras while wandering around or even when I did this and all for a piece of bedding that I could not afford. I am so sick with myself.

    This is my first and will be the only time. I am so worried that someone like a policeman or something is going to end up on my doorstep. I just want to return the merchandise. What should I do??

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Consequences of Price Switching

    Well, I know that no one had anything to say, but I have been driving myself mad since I did this yesterday and I was up at the crack of dawn and at Target today to fix my mistake.

    I went in to the store and paid the difference for the merchandise and the tag swap. It was the best I could do to make up for my mistake so that Target would not lose money and no one else would suffer for a stupid decision I made. I have no idea how this will affect the outcome if someone does come looking for me... and that really was not the point, as I am still 100% responsible for my actions, but it did free me from knowing that I did try to right the wrong with good intentions so that no one would suffer from my dispicable actions. I am still afraid of the consequences and will never do something like this again, but I'll be able to rest knowing that I did try to fix my mistake. I don't want anyone else to suffer from what I did wrong. I guess all I can do is hope at this point that things turn out ok and continue on my path of straight and narrow. I have learned that I have way too much of a conscience to be criminal. I am sickened by my own actions. The thing is, I did pay the difference in the product but I don't want it - it's like a scarlett letter. I don't deserve it and it will be a constant reminder of my moment of dishonesty, lack of character, selfishness, and bad judgement. :-( At the end of the day = SO NOT WORTH IT!!!

    Based on the other posts I have read, I will have to wait for a year - keep on walking the good path, stay out of Targets, and pray that this doesn't get reported... however, if it does, I am ready to face those consequences and obviously, tell the truth. As they say in the old proverb: "The truth will set you free."

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    Default Re: Consequences of Price Switching

    We are all volunteers here with families and jobs.

    If you want immediate responses to your questions, you should pay an attorney for them.

    Having said that, by going back to Target and paying the difference, you admitted to shoplifting.

    I don't know if they will do anything with it. I do know that it was not your smartest move.

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    Default Re: Consequences of Price Switching

    I would definitely avoid that store for a while.

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    Default Re: Consequences of Price Switching

    Thanks...Will def be staying away from there for some time :-(

    cyjeff - thanks for your thoughts. Maybe it wasn't the smartest move on my part, but I didn't know what else to do. If they come looking for me, I would still tell the truth. It was the best I could do to fix my mistake. I did the crime, so I have to take responsibility for it and as they say, "do the time." if that is what it comes down to.

    Also, I wasn't asking for an immediate response, at all - if you are saying you think I should get an attorney for this, I can def take that into consideration as it seems as though you are telling me I made things worse for trying to right the wrong and now, even though I have not heard anything from the store - you think it would be in my best interest to go talk to an attorney? If this is the case, I certainly will... I just am not sure what I am supposed to do now... I don't have experience with this.

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    Default Re: Consequences of Price Switching

    Most Criminal Law Attorneys offer a free initial consulation. Explain the situation, ask what to do if they file charges.

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