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    Default Having my children carry my last name

    I'll make this a short as I can, I live in Michigan, I have 2 daughters ages 8 & 10. ok when they were born their mother was married at the time, when they were born both her and her then husband knew these girls were mine, but they went ahead and put his name on their birth certificate and gave them his last name, and told everyone that they were his children, now she has since divorced him, and when she did he didn't want to pay child support on 4 kids , (yes they had 2 that were his) she then made me the father throught the courts, I was so excited to actually be able to be known as their father that I didn't think about the last name, well now she has re-married and carries another last name (we were never married) and i now am married, my girls still carry her now ex-husbands name and I want them to carry my last name, I have petioned the court, I thought she would let it happen but no she's going to fight it, she states the reason she has for keeping their name her ex-husbands is because her other 2 daughters(keep in mind they are her ex's and they carry his name) she wants them all to have the same last name, My girls have always wanted my last name and she would never let them, she even told them they could have her now married name, all i want is for my girls to carry my last name not some mans name that is no relation to them what so ever, even though she told her lawyers that they still see her ex, which i have asked her not to do, but she doesn't listen , and i need some advice on this , we both have attorneys going with us to court, I also have joint legal and physical custody of my girls. PLEASE HELP

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    To get a name change, as your lawyer has probably explained, you will have to demonstrate that the name change is in the best interest of the minor children.

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