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    Default Pardon or Expungement in California


    Approx. 30 years ago I was convicted of armed robery in Orange County California. I have no other felonies on my record. I did have a misdameanor conviction prior to that but nothing since except a DUI 15 years ago. I would like to get my civil rights restored including my right to own a firearm.
    I know this doesn't matter but I didn't comit the armed robery to begin with and was falsely convicted of the crime. 30 years later, I am a small business owner with a family and would like to be able to take my boys hunting some day.
    What does it take to get these rights restored in this state and what are the chances of getting it done? Any recommendation on legal representation?

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    You can find detailed information on expungement in California here, and application materials for a pardon here. The benefits of an expungement are lesser in California than in many other states, but the trade-off is that they are considered easier to get than in most states. The chance of a pardon is pretty small in any jurisdiction. I don't practice in the area, but I'm not aware of anything that would prevent you from getting an expungement, then later applying for a pardon.

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    Default Re: Pardon or Expungement in California

    That's a strike in Ca & can't be expunged.

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    Default Re: Pardon or Expungement in California

    oops ... 4 mo old post, I doubt if he's waiting breathlessly for more replies ...

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