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    Default Rejection of a Pardon Application

    Hey Guys,

    Well I got a letter regarding my pardon application from the Texas Board of Pardon and Paroles and it read the following:

    Dear Mr ______

    The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has considered the referenced case for possible Full Pardon and Restoration of Firearm Rights and has voted not to recommend clemency at this time.


    Clemency Administrator

    I mean NO REASON FOR NOT RECOMMENDING CLEMENCY, NO BASES ON WHAT THEY VOTED THEIR DECISION ON OR ANYTHING! I am going to write a letter to them again. and I guess it is time to cause some havoc LOL!

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    It sounds like the way a lot of government agencies and quasi-judicial agencies decide cases - if they are not obligated by law to make specific findings to justify their position, they can often decide the case without providing any explanation. And if you don't state grounds, it's a lot harder to establish a mistake or abuse of discretion.

    For example, "We deny your petition because of X, Y, and Z" would give you the opportunity to respond that their conclusions, "X, Y, and Z" are in error.

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    Default write the Sunset Advisory Commission

    Sorry to hear that :x

    That's why it's important for everyone reading this post, especially those who reside in Texas, to write the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission and let your voice be heard. Let them know what you think or feel the Board needs to do to improve.
    I already mailed my letter, but, if my letter is the only one they get they may just as well set it aside or trash it.
    Get everyone you know to write a letter stating the unfairness of the clemency, or lack of, issuances in Texas.
    I recommended a set criterion be used when clemency issues are being considered; like a lot of other states have. I also included two excerpts ( one from Justice Kennedy, US Supreme Court) ; where he said that clemency at the state and federal levels should be afforded to deserving individuals more often.
    But, if we don't say anything, we will never be heard.

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    Default Pardons and Clemency

    Well I think if they could prove BY LAW that one has broken the law then they should be obligated BY LAW to decide if one is deserving of a pardon! This is just not fair! I mean thats just like saying that a cop is to enforce the law but you mean to tell me that he does NOT HAVE TO ABIDE BY THEM TOO?!?

    I encourage EVERYBODY no matter what State you are in to go forward with applying for YOUR pardon and YOUR RIGHT! Don't let anybody tell you that its impossible. Your case is not impossible. ITS THE PEOPLE THAT ARE HANDLING THEM THAT ARE MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE.

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