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    Question Mentally Disabled Adult Son - Mother Needs Guardianship

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Indiana

    This envolves a 21 yr old mentally disabled young man who is in a state funded program group home setting, he can't make good sound decisions for his well being, the mother doesn't have funds to hire an attorney to get guardianship but needs some advice.

    Can the mother even get guardianship over him since he is 21? There are emergency situations going on with him doing self mutilation due to the situtation and he wants out of the program, we all know this is not what he needs, if he opts out he looses everything and will have no place to go, he has not HS diploma, no job, has not gotten SSD yet...

    Can someone pleasse advise as to what can be done if anything?

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    Default Re: Mentally Disabled Adult Son - Mother Needs Guardianship

    The Indiana Courts website says,
    Quote Quoting I would like to file for a guardianship, but I don’t see the forms to do that.
    A guardianship is a unique legal relationship and it would be difficult to have a common form on our Self Service website that everyone could use. We recommend that you contact the Indiana State Bar Association for their brochure on guardianship that you will find helpful and informative. You can either call the Bar Association at 317-639-5465, or 1-800-266-2581, or you can access the brochure on the Internet at
    That brochure no longer seems to be available online, but you can probably get a copy from the state bar as described.

    The group home may be able to offer mom some information or suggestions.

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