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    Default Can a Judgement/Lien Attach to a Civil Suits Proceeds

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of: New Jersey

    I was incarcerated a few years back during which time an incident occured in jail, after I was released I retained counsel and sued the correctional facility and we came to an settlement in federal court without bringing it to a jury. My lawyer informed me afterwards that I would be subject to a child support lien search and also a general judgement search before receiving the proceeds.
    The search showed I have several judgements against me from the motor vehicle branch and public defender costs from previous criminal cases. My question is: Can these judgements attach to the proceeds from my civil suit? I know that there is a law that says child support will attach , but I have searched and searched and I can find nothing saying that other liens will have claims on this money. I have no child support liens or judgements as I have no children. Any help would be appreciated as my lawyer doesn't know either ... If anyone could direct me to a law stating one way or another that would be great too as I can forward it to my lawyer, but any info at all would be great.

    Thanks, Max

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    Default Re: Can a Judgement/Lien Attach to a Civil Suits Proceeds

    Yes, although (as you seem to infer) with some judgments the judgment creditor must affirmatively seek the lien. Your lawyer knows how to research statutes and case law (I hope), so I'm not going to jump in and do for free what he's being paid to do.

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