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    Unhappy Someone Hit My Car-Refused to Give Insurance Info

    I live in the state of North Carolina and a female hit my car while parked. She came in and told me about it but refused to give me her insurance information stating she will pay for it out of pocket for the repairs. She even refused to let me see her driver license. The car she was driving was not hers however the owner of the car was there and got in it and left. He did not even speak to me. She gave me her name, address, phone number, and e-mail address and left the scene. I was able to get the license plate number off of the car that was involved. I did file a police report but she had already taken off at this point so the officer was unable to get any of her information just what she had given me. Since then she has refused to answer my phone calls. Am I out of luck?? Is there a law against someone leaving to scene of an accident without giving me their information? It this a hit and run? I am so completely lost. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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