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    Default Unsuitable Work

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: Illinois

    I had been on unemployment for quite awhile and recently got a new job completely outside of my field making substantially less than my previous job. Since I was willing to try about anything at this point I gave it a shot, and its not working out well.

    What constitutes "unsuitable" work such that you can voluntarily leave it and not lose benefits? The Illinois law seems worded such that its the same test as if you could refuse it to begin with. Since this is way out of my field and much less money I'd think it would qualify. However I'm not a lawyer nor do I know how these thing usually play out.

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to quit a job way outside you field to resume your previous claim?

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    "What constitutes "unsuitable" work such that you can voluntarily leave it and not lose benefits?"

    By you accepting the position,,whether suitable or not suitable,You lost your benefit claim.You may be able to appeal,,but i doubt it.You would have been better off not accepting.

    I imagine the reason your asking this question,is that illinois just recieved 20 weeks worth of extensions

    good luck

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