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    I am new to the family court thing, but I have already had a couple disasters. My ex moved from Hawaii to California while she was pregnant and I have followed but have not been able to get to the same town due to the lack of work. I am a single parent with an adopted foster child son (5yrs). She quit her job as a paramedic a year and a half ago and has been claiming zero income since then. Also she claims to be paying $5oo a month in health insurance (cobra). I have had the baby on a kaiser policy for almost a year, but she will not let that go on the disso. As a single parent I can use any money I can get. My CS is a huge burden to me and my son (who is in daycare). How can I get that done? I suspect someone else is helping her. The numbers don't add up. I want to care for my children, but I think this is unfair and she is just using the healthcare for extra income that is really hurtful to my other child.

    Also she is threatening that if she does go back to work she will get daycare at 1600 a month. That will ruin me. I put an add on craigslist for sitters in her area, with her schedule for $700 a month and got almost a hundred respondents. Can that help me? It doesn't make sense that they can make me pay as much in CS as I have left to support a life and child by myself. But nothing in this world makes sense....

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    How can you get what done?

    If you wish to modify the existing support order, petition the court that issued the order to modify it.

    If the mother returns to work she can pursue you for a share of child care expenses. She doesn't have to use the cheapest person out there, or a random person from craigslist.

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    Question Re: Health Care

    Quote Quoting scared of law
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    adopted foster child son
    what does that mean? He is either a foster child or your adopted son.
    IF you did adopt the boy - did you do so before you fathered the child in question?

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    california chasing after daughter

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    yes I fostered and adopted a child before the child in question was born.

    but is there some resonable limit ot what she can pursue me for? I mean, if she gets a 1600 a month sitter I can end up having my cs go up by hundreds of dollars a month and my son just gets the shaft.

    I was thinking with the resumes and offers off craigslst 700 seems reasonable for someone struggling financially (my son is in full time daycare too) some were licensed, some not, some were stay at home moms with infants, a couple were nurses or home care types. This could literally make my son and I lose our apartment and we live cheap. No cable, no cell phone, no inernet.

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