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    Default Do I Have a Case for Harassment, Defamation or Wrongful Termination

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Oregon

    I am a white male who has been employed by a company with 99% hispanics. The managment is also hispanic. This company works as a sub contractor for a national central distribution center who has a rather mixed ethnic employee population. My company with 99% hispanics, the other company with a more ballanced ethnic population. I've been with this company for apx. 2 years and have noted an EXTREEME bias on the part of the hispanics AGAINST me. Their capacity for conversation (even the ones who can speak good english)... Has been the most IN THE GUTTER talk I have ever experienced on any job in my life (I'm 46 years of age). A typical lunch time conversation NEVER EVER goes beyond sexually explicit trash talk. At times phones are raised with pictures of sex acts. Quite often I am solicited for sex (they do this on a daily basis). There was even an incodent where one of the hispanics took a photo of his own penis and showed it to me. The only thing that came of this was that the manager told him not to do it again.

    As if the above conditions aren't bad enough, I was given a three day suspension based on false information given to the already biased hispanic management. The problem is that these mentalities have influenced managment to believe things about me that are untrue.

    I was given a three day suspension and believe that when I return to work I will be terminated. I was told that I was suspended pending investigation. I know from experience that the 'informant' or the 'go to' person the Superintendent (hispanic) utilized has a history of lieing about me. This is also the hispanic male who showed me a phone photo of his penis (a few months prior).

    I believe the work environment is intentionally hostile on account of managements expereince with law suits. I believe they are intentionally:

    1) sexually harrasing me.
    2) verbally harrasing me.
    3) slandering me

    The plan (of theirs) is to get my reaction, add false and missleading information about my actions/words, in order to take control of the work environment, or worse: 1) have me terminated without ability to recieve unemployment. 2) have a counter argument in such case I take legal action.

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    Default White Male in an All Hispanic Workplace

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Oregon

    I was given a three day suspension based on false information x-fered from co-worker to Superintendent. The Superintendant said: "You are suspended for three days, pending investigation."

    My past 2 years within this work group has been met with extreeme bias. I doubt the 'investigation' will be anything more than the Superintendent doing nothing more than giving way too much emphasis on this liars opinion, when the statement I made (the one in question) was made in a group of dozens of witnesses.

    I expect to be terminated upon my return to work. I also expect to have my unemployment insurance taken from me by falsified documentation.

    There are witnesses that can be brought before some arbitrator, and I may need them. I don't know their names and doubt management will cooperate in getting this to any unemployment arbitrator.

    Don't know what can be done about this.

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    Default Harassment, You've Never Heard One Like This

    The work setting:
    I work at a major store chain's distribution center. The work group is a composite of two main logistics companies: The union workers, and the non union workers. I am employed by the non union sub contractor. I have been with this company for apx. two years.

    The possible final event that I believe I will be terminated for, and will not be able to recieve unemployment:
    Extreeme unwillingness for the hispanic workers to cooperate with me. If documents are handed out to each work group, I am ussually not given adequate verbal information in order to do my job. The person with paper work ussually makes negative comments about my performance while withholding vital facts I need in order to do my job effectively. THIS job cannot be done correctly without referencing the paperwork. This employee then goes to the reciever (union worker) and criticizes me. I've gone to that union worker and asked that he not participate in the negativity. His response to me was: "If you don't like it you can get the **** out of here". I brought this person's behavior up to a fellow union member and he (the one who used the "F" word) denied saying this, and at that time threatened to get me fired. Within about an hour I was brought into the Superintendant's office (also hispanic) and a false report was written... followed up by a three day suspension. The superintendant made false statements about what I said. I requested for the Superintendant to verify the accuracy of his "informant" with others who were present as witnesses. He claimed to be interested in an investigation of the matter. I highly doubt any investigation will be done.

    The above event is only one of many extreeme instances I've had to deal with. I could list other experiences, but I will wait for a response on this one first.

    The other events involve:

    1) possible age disscrimination
    2) possible sexual harrasment
    3) possible harrasment
    4) possible libel, (defamation? slander?)
    5) I am an efficient worker who cooperates with others, and the hispanics who don't cooperate with me have the management believing I'm the one who is uncooperative.
    6) no accurate test of worker competence has been given me or any other worker. All opinions about my work performance are EXTREEMLY bias and unproovable. I am willing to undergo a side by side comparison of my abilities juxtaposed to any other worker, not one individual is willing to do this. I am treated poorly, dissrespected.

    not sure how to proceed with this

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    Default Re: White Male in an All Hispanic Workplace

    If you think you are receiving disparate treatment solely because of your race or national origin, you can file a claim with the EEOC or the state equivalent.

    Just to make sure, how many employees, in total, does this employer have?

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