My question involves defamation in the state of: Oregon

I am a white male who has been employed by a company with 99% hispanics. The managment is also hispanic. This company works as a sub contractor for a national central distribution center who has a rather mixed ethnic employee population. My company with 99% hispanics, the other company with a more ballanced ethnic population. I've been with this company for apx. 2 years and have noted an EXTREEME bias on the part of the hispanics AGAINST me. Their capacity for conversation (even the ones who can speak good english)... Has been the most IN THE GUTTER talk I have ever experienced on any job in my life (I'm 46 years of age). A typical lunch time conversation NEVER EVER goes beyond sexually explicit trash talk. At times phones are raised with pictures of sex acts. Quite often I am solicited for sex (they do this on a daily basis). There was even an incodent where one of the hispanics took a photo of his own penis and showed it to me. The only thing that came of this was that the manager told him not to do it again.

As if the above conditions aren't bad enough, I was given a three day suspension based on false information given to the already biased hispanic management. The problem is that these mentalities have influenced managment to believe things about me that are untrue.

I was given a three day suspension and believe that when I return to work I will be terminated. I was told that I was suspended pending investigation. I know from experience that the 'informant' or the 'go to' person the Superintendent (hispanic) utilized has a history of lieing about me. This is also the hispanic male who showed me a phone photo of his penis (a few months prior).

I believe the work environment is intentionally hostile on account of managements expereince with law suits. I believe they are intentionally:

1) sexually harrasing me.
2) verbally harrasing me.
3) slandering me

The plan (of theirs) is to get my reaction, add false and missleading information about my actions/words, in order to take control of the work environment, or worse: 1) have me terminated without ability to recieve unemployment. 2) have a counter argument in such case I take legal action.