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    Unhappy Left No Choice but to Quit Job

    I was hired as a FT employee by a large corporation to work at home for their new account which I specialize in - Radiology. I was paid 12.50 an hour base plus tier level per report starting at 45,000, 49,000 and within 2 years I was making 50,000 a year and at 4 years was making 56,000.00.

    Four years later, the radiology department I transcribed for (Bassett Hospital) went to voice recognition. I was not informed until I clocked in and saw that there was no work (I work from home). My supervisor asked if I had worked in any other areas of medicine. ER History and Physicals, multispeciality clinic were the only other 2 I could transcribe confidently and I told her this.

    Because my company had just signed a contract with a nationwide medical provide, they did not have enough Acute Care transcriptionists at the time so placed me on that account

    I could not do the Acute Care work - we are paid by the line and it took me an hour to get through the report. Medication errors are reason for dismissal and patients I have discovered take numerous ones.

    I called the HR and talked with the head of our division. He told me that I may have no other choice to but to quit, that he had to quit a job at one time because of income and it is just life. I requested to be layed off and he said "We don't lay off, it is too expensive." I asked if there were any other radiology positions and he said no.

    So, I found another job and quit. However, I have not recovered my income of 56,000.00 a year. But rather am making about 24,000.00 a year.

    Am I eligible for Partial Unemployment in California? I am working PT but am 3 months behind on my mtg. I have 14,000 in debt and income is only keeping utilities on and food on table and feed the dogs and cats. I am 51, single. I have done this work since the age of 19.

    I am good in my area of work which is Radiology and very specialized. Due to outsourcing to Indian workers, Voice Recognition our field has been especially hit hard.

    I am in process of filling out Continued claim for but also have an appt with a BK atty as I am afraid I will be sued by a creditor. What do you think?

    Thank you very much.

    Sleepless in California

    As an aside, I want to say that 2 yrs into job, I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer (this may or may not be relevant).

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    Default Re: Left No Choice but to Quit Job

    Am I eligible for Partial Unemployment in California?
    We really have no way of answering that for you. Such determinations are made by UI on a case by case basis. Looking at your situation and others I've seen, I'd be inclined to say that you're ineligible, because UI is meant to help you during "underemployment" at the job you were working full time at. Since you voluntarily quit your other job, that would be sufficient grounds for denial.

    I could, however, could be quite wrong.

    The best you can do is file your claim and see what they have to say about it. If your claim is denied, you can always appeal - it costs nothing to appeal, and you won't be penalized for doing so.

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