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    Default New Federal Unemployment Extension

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: MN

    Hello All,

    My question is that I have moved away from minnesota in sept 2009 when my benefits were all used up.I moved to live with a friend who gave me a break on rent,bills,etc.Today I found out that there was an federal extension signed into law for states to get 14 or 20 weeks,MN qualifies for 14,but Do i have to move back to minnesota now in order to recieve them,if im willing to fly home for an offered interview

    I thought these extensions were all done,and i need to survive the cheapest way,,and minnesota was not hiring,so for financial reasons i left when my benefits ran out,like i said now i found out there is an another extension which would help immensely,but moving back right now,,today anyways is very financially draining

    I have heard alot of different comments about as long as the state you are living in also qualified,,you are eligible. Can anyone shed some light on this?

    Thank you for your time

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    Default Re: New Federal Unemployment Extension

    You can contact Minnesota to see if you qualify. We can't point you to online materials for your state, as nothing will have been updated in response to the brand new legislation, and even if it were updated we have no information with which to gauge your qualification.

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    Default Re: New Federal Unemployment Extension

    thx mr knowitall,,

    And since you asked,Yes I have been seeking work every day,but again this was a interstate benefits question.

    Obviously with all of the reads on this subject,and no replies,This wasnt the forum i should have posted in,and I apologize for that

    god bless all

    mr knowitall,

    I apologize,as I thought that that I originally stated that I have not worked since my benefits have expired,so YES I am eligible for the extension,,It is already on my UI acct webpage.Im just wondering on the federal extension transferring to other states,because of money to move back home for the 14 week extension.I am able to continue MN job search requirements,,but without alot of money to do the RT.Im just going to call MN

    Again Sorry,and Thanks

    god bless all

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