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    Default Forgery and Fraud in Guardianship Application

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: OHIO

    Names Changed. Fictitious Names used.

    Using forged documents, m y sister Yolanda went to court in 2002 and unbeknownst to all , obtained guardianship of my niece Lori. Lori's mother (our younger sister) passed in 1998 and our mother (Lori's maternal grandmother, obtained guardianship at that time). Lori lived with her grandmother until her death in 2006. All of my familylived in a city 160 miles away. I live out of down but keep and kept in touch almost everyday. Lori and her mom visited with me regularily.

    Upon the death of our mother, Yolanda became the executor of our mother's estate and I the alternate executor. I was told that Yolanda obtained guardianship of Lori (2006) at that time. This is when everything changed for the worst as Yolanda turned against all of us and would not let me visit with my niece anymore. Prior to 2006 my relationship was positive.

    However, all hell broke loss. Yolanda turned against everyone and we ended up having to go to court to address 3 separate complaints. all 3 complaints proved that she had committed fraud, forgery, and the misappropriate of funds in at least 2 of the cases.

    She further decided that my niece Lori could no longer visit with me which required the intervention of the courts in order to obtain visitation. It was during this process that I learned that Yolanda had in fact obtained guardianship in 2002 and not 2006. She obtained guardianship through forgery and maintained the guardianship of Lauren all this time as a result of fraudulent concealment. The documented forgery has occurred in the forging of my name and my brother's name on a wavier of notice to appear hearing documents that were submitted with her guardianship application in 2002.

    There was no way to know of the award of the guardianship prior to 2007 because we had no knowledge of the hearing and Lauren had always lived with her grandmother, not moving in with Yvonne until the later part of 2006/2007.

    In addition to learning that Yolanda had forged the documents for guardianship, Yvonne also forged the deed to our mothers house, locked us out of the house and would not show us the Will. We were required to go to court to obtain a copy of the will. She was removed as administrator and we are still in court. She also signed a withdrawal slip falsely stating that our disabled brother was dead and withdrew $7,000 from his account. We had to go to court to get the money back. We did.

    More importantly, the niece that she has, is now 17 and for the past 3 years she has never failed in her request to be removed from her guardianship. Lori is afraid of Yolanda and Yoland is verbally abusive, and intimidating in her supervision. She recently sent me an e-mail stating that she was cutting herself and wanted to commit suicide because of her aunt.

    A Probate judge recently learned of all of the forged documents and misappropriation of funds and has scheduled a hearing for application to remove guardianship. However he does not know about the abuse of my niece as of yet.

    I live out of town and I am almost ready to file bankruptcy as result of expenses having to defend myself and familyagainst Yolanda's attack on her family through fraud. I love my niece dearly and she wants to live with me. I work in at a local University and I would do all that I can to help her. I fear for her safety and mental and psychological state as a result of my sisters abuse and control of her. What can I do. Do I stand any chance of getting guardianship of her. Please advise.

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    Default Re: Forgery and Fraud in Guardianship Application

    When does your niece turn 18? At 18 she can live where she wishes.

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