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    Default Seller Won't Deliver Motorcycle


    I have purchased a motorcycle from a gentelman online in San Diego California and I am located in New Jersey. The bike has been paid for, Money Order, and the seller has not been cooperating with the arrangement for pick up now on two occasions. He refuses to cooperate and return calls from the shipper to coordinate times for pick up and has been given ample notice of pick up times. I have requested a full refund or immediate delivery cooperation form him but he still makes excuses.

    What are my legal ramifications to pursue this? Once again, I am located in NJ and he is in California.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Seller Won't Deliver Motorcycle

    It seems to me that your best option would be to hire a San Diego attorney to appear on your behalf in small claims court, and sue the seller for the return of your payment.

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    Default Re: Seller Won't Deliver Motorcycle

    You can sue him, with the complication that this is an interstate transaction. (Hence the suggestion of suing him in California, which is difficult for you but resolves issues of jurisdiction and attempting to enforce an interstate judgment in relation to him.) You can try making a police report; interstate issues again arise.

    How much money is involved?

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